About Me
Everyone is capable
everything is achievable

Hello, my name is Neil and I am a Personal Trainer and founder of NS Health and Fitness. I am very passionate about health and fitness.

I know how awful it can feel after a hard day at work when you are feeling stressed and demotivated. Spending time in the gym, lifting weights, running or participating in a fitness class can make you feel a great deal better after. I would love to pass that feeling on to you.

I became hooked on fitness during my early teens, starting with lifting weights – I loved how it made me feel, both physically and mentally. It’s amazing how fitness can give you that boost.

I have worked in the printing industry since leaving school. But health and fitness has always been my passion and now I am working in the fitness industry I believe I am doing what I always should have done and haven’t looked back.

I live in Great Dunmow and work in and around Essex and East Herts and offer a mobile service so whether you prefer to train at home, outdoors, at work or the gym, (subject to location terms & conditions), I will come to you.

I would love you to continue your journey with me